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Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Sioux Falls: The Town Credit Built"... or Bilked?

Sioux Falls gets some national coverage on public radio: Marketplace is reporting on "The Town Credit Built." Last night's program (audio archived here) featured former Governor Bill Janklow* touting South Dakota's embrace of unfettered usury and Citibank's move here as "a heck of a deal for my state." Lincoln County Commissioner Jim Schmidt tells Marketplace reporter Stacey Vanek-Smith that Sioux Falls went from almost no white-collar jobs in the 1970s to 20,000 jobs—15% of the metro workforce—in the financial sector today.

Marketplace plans more Sioux Falls coverage tonight, with a discussion of the flipside: what happens to Sioux Falls's house of cards when credit freezes and no one can take on any more debt. Should be interesting! If you're interested, listen tonight on MPR at 6:30 or SDPB at 7:00.

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  1. Sioux Falls: The Town that USURY Built.


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