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Friday, March 6, 2009

Smoking Ban Won't Hurt Small-Town Businesses

Governor Rounds, as you consider whether to fix your name to the smoking ban (assuming the House agrees to the Senate's amendments), here's a thought:

One frequent argument against banning smoking in public places is that such a ban would put small-town bars and cafés out of business. But what business will we lose? Are smokers in Kimball going to load up the truck and drive to Valentine for supper and a smoke?

Smokers will adjust. They'll take their butts outside, as they've resigned themselves to doing in so many other venues, then come in to the same old places for dinner and music. And a whole bunch of us who currently don't come to the smoky places may spread our money around town a little more.

Nothing to lose, plenty to gain. Sign the bill, Governor Rounds.


  1. No matter how many times this BS is repeated, no one is believing it. It's like saying "the earth is flat" Illinois is a good place to "study". As can be clearly seen over the last year, Illinois smokers have been giving the neighboring states casinos, bars, and restaurants their full support and blessing with their feet and their money. Had the antis done the same as Illinois smokers have done by supporting the non smoking Illinois casinos, restaurants, and bars instead of ranting and raving, people might pay attention to them. As it stands, claims about bans not hurting businesses are falling on a lot of deaf ears. They need to put their money where their mouth is. Illinois casinos are down over 20 percent, surrounfing states down 1 percent with a recently expanded casino on the Chicago city limit UP 2 percent.

  2. One thing I've noticed since we implemented a city smoking ban a year ago...

    Restaurants where you once had to wait for a seat now let you right in.

    That doesn't mean there are fewer patrons. Rather, they had a lot of empty seats in the smoking sections previously. Now, they don't have empty seats.

    The smoking ban has been good for business, as well as good for my lungs and nose.


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