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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party: Lovely Day in the Park with Unruh Hypocrites

Mr. Powers is kind enough to extend an invitation to all taxpayers to attend the Grand South Dakota Tax Day Tea Party, April 15, noon to 13:30, at Terrace Park in Sioux Falls. According to the event's Facebook page, cranky patriots will gather "To Protest Political Pork Barrel Spending and Government Waste. See an re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party - The spark that ignited the Revolutionary War."

Hmm... are we to derive some meaning from that last phrase?

No word yet on whether organizers have obtained an environmental permit for dumping tea into Covell Lake, but you'll want to bring your high boots for this amusing combination of goose poop and bull-puckey. Leading the rally (in feathered headdress and loincloth, I do so dearly hope) is Dr. Allen Unruh, whose wife Leslee made her living during the Bush Administration on millions of dollars of federal funding for abstinence education programs that don't work.

Obviously the Unruhs can speak with great personal authority on wasteful government spending. Forward the revolution!


  1. This was a very rude post. Last I knew this was the United States of America where we have the right to gather and protest.

    This is not an isolated protest occurring only in Sioux Falls. This is going on all over the country. Wake up, Cory! Not everyone is so enamored with your president Obama and his reckless, feckless spending on all his wild idea, expensive liberal agenda. He blames Bush, but the truth is that he is wildly outspending all the presidents ever before him, he has never met a lib spending porgram that he doesn't like, and he is trying to consolidate more and more power in Washington. That might be fine with you, but many people, even Dems, are waking up to this and don't like it.

    At least you mentioned the Tea Party so it's getting more attention. Good.

    Your ridicule is childish, but shows this idea really hit a sore spot with you.

    If you suddenly realize how the tax policies of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid will negatively affect the future of your own daughter, you are welcome to bring a tea bag and join us.

  2. This is just Cory being Cory. For someone with so much self-proclaimed intelligence and formal education, he always reverts back to these three words (dogma, ideology, and hypocrite). Yet, these words are never directed at President Obama and his platform for change. Don't worry about Lake Herman, with Cory living next to it, I'm sure there is enough crap going into it each day.

  3. Anon 9:17

    How much of the total federal budget is pork barrel spending? If you answered more than 1% you would be incorrect:


    Though, I suppose you probably consider safety net programs to be "pork".

    You need to quit focusing on a tiny percentage of the budget that rightfully so pisses you off, but in really is inconsequential. To make any type of substantive impact we really need to focus on reducing SS/Medicare/Defense spending.

    Also, is CAH's post attacking your right to protest? I think not. He is pointing out to you obvious hypocrisy and questionable planning. Rather than attacking him personally, why not take his legitimate criticism and work to change your protest movement so such attacks cannot be made in the future?

  4. Oh Really, Watch President Obama's Bailout Czar Neel KashKari and tell me the hyprocrites are limited to Unruh and the "Tax Day Tea Party:" http://www.youtube.com/watch?V=UP73cK3GXdo

  5. Where were these people when Bush Jr. was running up the debt during a time of plenty? They are just a bunch of partisan hacks who care more about attacking the President than attacking the deficit.

  6. Nick, Can you read? I said the hypocrites were not limited too just the Republicans. In addition, how does a 825 billion dollar stimulus package attack the deficit?

  7. Repeat, we are not protesting the earmarks. If an earmark goes thru the process and gets approved before being put in a bill, so be it. If it is hidden in at the last minute, it's crap!

    We are protesting wasteful, indiscriminate gov't spending, Rep or Dem, doesn't matter. At the present time, however, it is Obama's adminsitration that is running up huge deficits simply to get his social agenda passed. This tax burden will be passed on to our future generations. If he just wants to fix the economy, then fix it. But that does not include huge amounts for groups like Acorn, gov't health care, free college, etc etc etc. Those are simply lib agenda items and nothing to do with fixing our economic woes.

    There is no hyprocisy or poor planning in this. It is grassroots and is spreading across the country. Criticize it if you want. If you are happy with the taxes being passed onto your children and grandchlidren, then I wish you well. I'm not, and I plan to make it known. If you change your mind, you are welcome to bring a bag of tea and join us!

  8. Anon 11:35

    You are worried about less than 1% of the budget during this type of crisis? Yikes!

    I understand how you feel though, morally I find it questionable at best. Take a step back though and look at the larger picture. These are not the expenses that are going to be passed onto the next gen.

  9. ...so, since no one has addressed the amin issue, I take it we all agree that the Unruhs are hypocrites when they criticize wasteful government spending? Cool. Thanks for the consensus.

  10. Oh, On the Revolutionary War thing. Cory, I know we will be on opposite sides. I have a stockpile of guns and ammunition and now I can get them faster. Too bad your focused on the Tea Party.

  11. Seems early to be having protests like this. Wait a couple of years. Then, methinks, we'll really have reason for rebellion: hyperinflation, skewed interest rates, spot shortages, and erosion of savings.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I hope I am totally wrong. While I fear that Barack Obama will fail, I truly hope he succeeds. I hate tea parties.

  12. Oh, and First Anon, 9:17, how can you say my post was rude? I thought it was totally Unruh'd. :-D

  13. Cory, this isn't about Unruh's or any one else who is attending tea parties across the nation. How about the 5,000 attending the tea party in Cincinniti last week? If you can't debate the real issue here, you have already lost your point.

    We are protesting ALL reckless, irresponsible gov't spending. Earmarks are admittedly a small part but just as odious (porky pig smelly). The first and second bailouts, the overstuffed and hastily passed budget, the mortgage bailout, the $500 to each small business (yippee, that will really help) ad nasueum. Address the issue here, not the personalities.

  14. Tony, you should also tell those who have been whining about AIG spending 0.1% ($165M of $170B) of their bailout money on bonuses to stop complaining. Why bicker about such a small amount during this type of crisis?

  15. Anon 12:10

    Are you serious?

    Do you really think that a company that needed $170 billion in bailouts to stay afloat should be rewarding those that ran it into the ground?

    .1% or 10% these guys should be looking for employment but instead they are looking for a tax shelter to lessen their tax burden from bonuses paid for by US taxpayers

  16. Anon 6:20: I'm not the one failing to debate the point. The issue I brought up is that one of the leaders of this rally, Dr. Allen Unruh, has seen his wife's livelihood depend on federal dollars for a failed program. That's not a question of personality but a specific instance of wasteful government spending. I am asking for comment on that particular issue... and you and everyone else hear seem to want to avoid that point.

    If you are "protesting ALL reckless, irresponsible gov't spending," I'm sure you will call the Unruhs to task.

    We could go more broadly and point out that every South Dakotan at this rally will risk being called a hypocrite unless they are willing to say that it is wasteful that South Dakota receives $1.50 back for every $1.00 it pays in federal tax. Wasteful spending? Look in the mirror.

    It's easy to bloviate about "wasteful government spending." But will the Unruhs send their checks back? Will you?

  17. My very naive thoughts on this: I guess whether or not the Unruhs can be blamed for accepting gov't funding for "abstinence programs that don't work" depends on how long the facts/studies have shown that they don't work. If the Unruhs believed wholeheartedly in abstinence programs being an effective tool to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and only learned recently that studies show they aren't working, then can they be blamed? (And I have no knowledge whatsoever of what the stats are or if/when the Unruhs are/became aware of them or if they are still receiving funding). At any rate, I am slowly coming to the personal conclusion that moral behavior cannot be legislated.

  18. The Republicans are a bunch of sore losers.
    I am not a fan of Obama. I didn't vote for him. But I do think he deserves a chance. How long has he been in office, barely 3 months and already the Republicans are trying to shoot him down?
    Bunch of whiny babies!


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