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Monday, April 6, 2009

Happiest People in America: Nebraskans... Who Went to University in South Dakota!

ABC News runs a report on the happiest states in the country. They cite MainStreet.com's Happiness Index, which measures household income, debt, employment, and foreclosures, and finds Nebraska the happiest state in the Union. South Dakota is in good shape at #8— we beat Minnesota (yaarr!), but we ranked an ugly 45th in debt-to-income ratio.

But before you Nebraskans get all uppity, watch the ABC video closely. About 50 seconds into the clip, whose colors is that smiling jogger flying on her sweatshirt? It ain't Huskers...

...U-S-D. That's South Dakota, friends! Ha!


  1. She could be happy because she's living in Nebraska and not Vermin--I mean Vermillion!


  2. Shouldn't the title read "Nebraskans--who went to THE University OF South Dakota? C'mon, Cory, throw us a bone will ya?

  3. She could have been happier if she went to THE South Dakota State University! :P

  4. We might do well to keep in mind that the referenced specification is a "financial happiness" index. There are, of course, other metrics for "happiness."

    I find it fascinating that Louisiana and West Virginia, whose residents are not noted for wealth or social trendiness, are among the 15 most "financially happy" states, while supposed progressive zones such as Massachusetts, California, Colorado, and Washington (state) are not.

  5. FlyingTomato, it was hard enough to give you the big red letters. ;-)


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