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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hendrickson Writes New Madison Sports Column on RealMadison.org

I make no pretense to know much about sports, let alone get riled up enough about sports to write about it (them?). That's why I'm pleased to see local sports aficionado and KJAM broadcaster Matt Hendrickson trying his hand at writing an online sports column.

Matt is posting his observations about local sports at RealMadison.org, my casual experiment in collaborative local journalism. His column is exactly what I'm trying to assemble on RealMadison.org: a collection of local voices, speaking openly and honestly (and that means not anonymously) about the topics they know and care about.

Matt comes across just as passionate about sports in his writing as he does on the radio. His comments about the MHS wrestling awards banquet and both basketball teams (good words for the ladies first, before discussing the state champ boys) show a genuine respect for our student athletes as well as a love of the game, all games.

If you like sports, especially local sports, you'll like Matt's column. Check him out on RealMadison.org!

Now, if I could just find a farm reporter... ;-)

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  1. It's "them", Chief. Since there are more than one sport, it would be them. :P


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