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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey, SD Dems: Show Your Leadership; Don't Wait for Herseth Sandlin

Hog House Blog gives us the straight dope from Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin on her political intentions for 2010. Short form: she's got better things to worry about right now (like fighting for South Dakota in Congress, taking care of a new baby, and getting some new-mom sleep!) than deciding what campaign if any she will wage in 2010.

On the angst state Democrats may feel over not being able to start their own campaigns until they know which way Herseth Sandlin will run, our Congresswoman says, essentially, nuts to that:

There’s plenty of time for me or anyone else to make a decision. … Those individuals who’ve expessed interest are already taking steps in the event I decide not to run for governor, to put operations in place, to let their work and ideas be known among South Dakota voters. The fact that I haven’t made a decision isn’t holding anyone else from taking those initial steps [Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, press conference call, 2009.04.23].

Sounds like something I said last month over in Todd Epp's neighborhood:

I know, I know, pragmatics like fundraising matter. But the idealist in me still wishes SHS could do nothing but her current job for a whole nother year, then announce next March what, if anything, she wants to run for next.

And in the meantime, fellow Dems, if you really want to run, saddle up! There is no one Democrat who gets to tell the rest of us what seats to run for. Show your moxie, start that fundraising! [CAH, comment to Todd Epp, "Stephanie Does What's Best for Stephanie," South Dakota Watch, 2009.03.27]

Pony up, Dems. Our party should not be dominated by any one political figure. Perhaps the first real test of leadership among the possible Democratic candidates for high South Dakota office in 2010 will be jumping in the ring without waiting to see what Herseth Sandlin does. If all the Dems in the chute (we have some, don't we?) are so timid that they won't dip a toe in the water until SHS dives in, well, then maybe we'll deserve another whoopin'.

But let's not fret too much. SHS is still signaling a decision by the end of the summer. That still strikes me as absurdly early; next March would be fine with me. But this coming September should still be plenty of time for other Dems to look up from their day jobs and pick something to run for.


  1. Stephanie Herseth needs to stay home and take care of her demon-spawn child. She's not smart and has no place in politics.

  2. Oh my -- double cowardice: you hide behind anonymity andinsult a baby? Give us all a break.

  3. I'm debating whether or not to delete Anon's comment. Readers, your input is welcome. The comment does not foster constructive conversation at all. The only function it serves is to remind us how truly childish and malevolent some of our neighbors are. Yikes.

  4. Democrats do have a lot of quality people to jump into the 2010 races, and all of this is held up by Stephanie.

    Who is going to donate to another candidate until they find out what she will do.

    In the end it is her decision, and she is free to do whatever she wants.

    But I would like to see some more action out of Scott Heidepriem, Mike Huether, Ben Nesselhuf, Matt McLarty, and other dems looking to make 2010 our year.

    It is never too early to start.

    Keep up the Mad work.

  5. So is anything holding the state party back from passing the hat and building a big war chest to divvy up among the other candidates for whatever slots they may choose to fill? I'm sure SHS is busy raising funds from folks who don't know what she's running for and don't care; they just like her and want Dems in. Dems with money, shake it loose! Who cares what Scott, Ben, Mike, Matt, et al. may be running for -- help 'em out! (But don't call me: I'm all words and no money! ;-) )

  6. If I were Democrat and I'm not. I would not send a frick'n dime. Once President Obama hears good ole South Dakota needs some bucks he will just turn the press on a print some up. In fact, why are any of us Republican or Democrat sending anybody anything. I'll reach across the isle. I think that all Senators and Congress people need to pay into Social Security, I think they all need to pay for their own health insurance, I think none of them deserve to have a retirement plan that continues their current salary after 4 years of service. I don't think that Stehanie's child is demon-spawned, but I'm beginning to wonder about the Senate and Congress?

  7. The first anon is good evidence why you should keep your kids from eating paint chips... sheesh!

    And Cory, if you decide to delete that incredibly crass and tasteless post, please feel free to erase mine. That person is obviously suffering from a severe case of rectal-cranial inversion!

  8. I vote ban all anon comments.

  9. pennypincher4/24/2009 8:02 PM

    I think if there are people that want to take a nab at her job, then I say let them go for it. Obviously her priority is being a mom, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't hold back those that would like to have the job.

  10. I think the first post is the type of remark that gives all bloggers a bad name.

  11. I agree there is no good reason for anybody to make a comment like the first anonymous did.

  12. "Obviously her priority is being a mom, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't hold back those that would like to have the job."

    So is this what you say to all working mothers?

  13. Pennypincher4/25/2009 7:15 AM


    No. In fact, I am one. But no way would my employer allow me to take my child to work when I am in a pinch and don't have daycare. We had daycare picked out before our children were born, and a back up plan. So sue me for being a chronic pre-planner.

    I wasn't impressed by her interview on Kelo. She makes it sound like she is the first mom to realize what being a mom means. In the state of the world today, we need someone that is dedicated 100% to fixing the wrongs that some of our current and past leaders have gotten us into. For her not to make a decision on what she wants to do because she is busy enjoying being a mom, isn't fair to the state of South Dakota.

    Honestly, after her dragging her feet for so long, I don't know if I would vote for her again, for any position. Pretty selfish of her not to decide and let her party move on if she is going to pursue other opportunities.

    I am not saying I have the perfect opinion, it's just my opinion.


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