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Friday, April 10, 2009

Judge Wilbur's Proposed School Funding Ruling -- Read It Yourself

If you're looking for something to keep you busy over the weekend, try Judge Lori Wilbur's proposed ruling on the South Dakota school funding lawsuit. It's 307 pages, but this PDF is just 936KB, so not that bad of a download.

I say "proposed" ruling, because Judge Wilbur has apparently given the plaintiffs and defendants five days to propose additional findings or file objections. But that Sioux Falls paper says changes are unlikely, so read, enjoy... and get ready for the appeal.

Update 2009.04.11 07:02 CDT: Rutland Superintendent Dr. Carl Fahrenwald also makes the ruling available, as well as lots of other god background documents from the funding lawsuit and elsewhere, on his superintendent's wiki.


  1. Just wondering. I'm assuming you've read this Cory, or at least some of it. Any changes in opinion or comments about the decision?

  2. Actually, Anon, I haven't gotten into the text yet. I'm still clearing my stack: city commission candidates, homework, reviews for MWAIS 2009, etc. I want to give it a full read over the weekend, and then I will let you know if Judge Wilbur's reasoning has any impact on mine. But in the meantime, readers, I welcome your perspectives!


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