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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leslee Unruh out of Ideas, Plagiarizing Leadership Coach?

So is it still plagiarism if all you're copying are the empty platitudes of life coaches?

A second consecutive defeat at the ballot box must really have taken the wind out of the Abstinence Clearinghouse's sails. Perhaps in anticipation of the end of the federal gravy train, Leslee Unruh appears to be looking into a new career as a life/leadership coach. In a departure from the usual stream of abstinence and abortion propaganda, Unruh has been busy posting little self-help nuggets on the Abstinence Clearinghouse blog.

Now Kelsey at DakotaWomen first drew our attention to these "Nuggets of Leadership from Leslee Unruh." I can't find the link, but I think the DakotaWomen or someone else in the blogosphere might have commented on Leslee's ironic and uncharacteristic emphasis of the word choice.

Uncharacteristic indeed: They weren't her words in the first place.

Here's a little free career coaching: if you're trying to break into the self-help industry, at least try to come up with your own material. Leslee appears to be quoting extensively (i.e., cutting and pasting) from Dr. Lee J. Colan, "high-energy executive advisor, author and leadership expert."

Sometimes Unruh remembers (here and here) to include an incomplete and linkless citation to Dr. Colan's book Orchestrating Attitude; more often, though, she just plops Dr. Colan's text on her website and claims it as her own (as seen March 24th, March 27th, and April 3rd entries).

To avoid a stern lecture about the ills of plagiarism, Leslee, feel free to copy the following citations:
  • March 24 ("Some people measure their success by financial security, career growth.... Tomorrow you will become what you choose today."): Lee J. Colan, "Orchestrating Attitude: Getting the Best from Yourself and Others," The Letter: Official Report of the L Group, 2005. Excerpted from book of same name.
  • March 27 ("Remember, your mind is your ultimate personal computer.... Seek positive input and you will improve your chances of producting positive output."): Lee J. Colan, "Control Your Inputs," The Letter: Official Report of the L Group, 2008.
  • April 3 ("Life’s rewards — loving relationships, meaningful work.... the rewards go to those who let their actions rise above their excuses."): Lee J. Colan, "A Moment to Act," The Letter: Official Report of the L Group, 2008. Excerpted from 7 Moments That Define Excellent Leaders.
There I go again, helping my neighbors. Darned socialist mentality.

Update 2009.04.06 07:52 CDT: By the way, Dave Munger offers a fine explanation of why it is more accurate to refer to the Unruhs as "anti-sex" rather than "pro-life."

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  1. I suppose that compared to selling babies, plagiarism doesn't seem so bad to Leslee.


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