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Friday, April 10, 2009

Participatory Design: Your Feedback on "Read More" Breaks

Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on the "Read More" post-break format I've been using on posts here over the past month. The poll showed pretty strong distaste for the links (18–7 against). Your comments offered some good reasons con and pro.

As Nick sagely reminds us, you'll never please everybody. Even on Facebook, where there are lots of people who are rallying against the site's new design, there are probably lots of people who dig it and lots of people who say, "Who cares? Design it whatever way you want; I'll still use it."

So what will I do? Recognizing that more people dislike it than like it, I'll use it less, maybe save it for the longer posts (though "longer" remains an amorphous concept!). I'd like to expand my "Hot Off the Press" sidebar menu, but the Blogger widget that makes it only allows 5 headlines; I'd prefer 10. I'd also like to bring that widget above the fold, but as you can see, I already crowd my sidebars with more junk than they really need... and I hate to crowd out the "Latest Comments" box, which I really like.

And someday when I'm rich, I'll hire Matt Paulson to do a real redesign of the whole site and put all sorts of rotating whiz-bang widgets on here!


  1. Thanks for the change from 'more' to just writing on. I'd not intended to say anything cuz it is an 'over-reaction' from the days 70 years ago in reading mags wherein I HATED the 'cont on p 167' when I thought they should just keep writing until I was done. So ...
    thanks for asking ... thanks more for listening ... wish MORE people world-wide did that.
    Those inimitable and phabulous Phynns

  2. If you do a complete redesign and use lots of whiz bang widgets please be aware of the download time. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading blog page.

    The Madville Times has always loaded quickly for me. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, gentlemen! Nick, do keep me posted on that load time. I love my widgets... but I love my readers more, and you all have better things to do online than wait for fancy widgets to load.


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