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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

¿Vacaciones en Cuba? ¡Sí!

Argus Leader online poll, results as of ~7:40 CDT, 2009.04.14
That Sioux Falls paper runs a reader poll on its homepage this morning: "Would you consider taking a vacation in Cuba?" The results as of breakfast time surprise me: 7 out of 10 mostly Midwesterners, just emerging from a hard snowy winter, say they wouldn't even consider vacationing in a warm, sunny island just 90 miles from Florida.

Call me weird, but if I had more vacation money (we might be able to afford a drive to Winnipeg for our exotic foreign travel this year), and if President Obama would open that door a crack further, I'd sign up New Year's in Cuba in an instant. Beaches, bicycling, music, history... what a destination!

And who's afraid of big bad Communists? My first overseas trip was to the Soviet Union in March, 1991. Fascinating, amazingly educational experience. And ten months later—poof! Communism collapses!

I'm ready to do my part again to bring down the Iron Curtain, Mr. President. Keep easing those travel restrictions, and send me to Havana! ¡Quiero bailar in Cuba!


  1. Cuba?? If I want sandy beaches etc I'll go to Hawaii. At least my dollars will be supporting the U.S. and not communism.

  2. It's time that door opens and communication begins. 45 years of sword clicking is enough. The best way to control another country is to create trade with them and grow dependency between the nations.

  3. "At least my dollars will be supporting the U.S. and not communism."

    I'm assuming you don't buy any products made in China then?

  4. Nah, Anon@10:15 IS the consummate Walmart shopper.

  5. Anon 12:21 hit the nail on the head. For nearly my entire life we have had a trade embargo on Cuba. How successful has that been? If you believe in capitalism or the free market you should support trade with Cuba. A nearby market with 11 million customers and we refuse to sell them stuff? I don't understand.


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