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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Babes and Pigs for Munsterman? Campaign Manager Considers...

A Dakota War College commenter asks Pat Powers if the Munsterman for Governor campaign, which Pat Powers manages, will add babes to the campaign blog. In a twist on the daughter test for sexism, I wonder if Powers will get Munsterman's daughters and wife to pose in bikinis on Munsterman campaign literature. After all, there's nothing wrong with finding the opposite sex attractive... and if it drives traffic to the campaign website, it's all good... right?

2010 could bring one hot campaign....


  1. Somehow I don't think the bloggers open house this year is going to be very well attended.

  2. PP, I think you may be right. I commented unfavorably on Todd's last post via Facebook (on how to be a real "non-woman"), and I was summarily un-friended.

    How will I contribute to his hits now?


  3. Perhaps if I promised to hand out pictures of "hot babes" we'd draw bigger numbers....

  4. Getting unfriended is the new black, Rebecca ;)


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