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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cosmic Hippie Convergence in Madison

Motongator Joe brings his "hillbilly testosterone outlaw" country music festival to town, and what do we get? More hippies.

Friday night, we go to town for dinner at the Second Street Diner (located about eight blocks south of Second Street on Washington Avenue). We pull in, spring the child from her crash seat, and mosey in for burgers. On the way, we notice... serendipity!
Here's the Heidelberger chariot of progressive fire...

...and next to us, by sheer coincidence, another local sustainability advocate!

Two "Buy Fresh Buy Local South Dakota" stickers in the same place in Lake County! What are the chances? Perhaps better than you think!

I considered barging into the diner saloon-shootout style and calling out, "Which one of you dadburned pinkos is flying all that democratic-socialist greenie bushwa on the back o' yer truck?" and then walking up to say howdy and shake hands. That seemed a bit overly dramatic, so we just enjoyed a quiet dinner.

But to our fellow travelers from Clay County, thanks for dropping by town! Keep the faith!

And now if we can just convince Shari to try the 100-Mile Menu at the diner. The market is there, Shari!


  1. I'm going to be looking for that car all over town now...

  2. Yeah--I'm on it. I'll bet they're at the farmers market tomorrow!


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