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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jay Trobec: Weatherman, Conservative Crusader!

Liberal media my foot: KELO weatherman Jay Trobec is a card-carrying conservative. On his blog Jaystream, Trobec offers a thorough sampling of contemporary right-wing rhetoric:
  1. He decries the lapdog media who hardly question the "all-powerful president" on his planted question at Tuesday's press conference.
  2. He portrays the Obama administration as a lawless bunch of radical environmentalists ("No one can stop them"—again, the rhetoric of fear before an "all-powerful" enemy).
  3. He brands the stimulus plan "outrageous" and suggests the President needs to "convince us he is not out to destroy the economic fabric of this country through overspending."
  4. Trobec's frettings about "mob mentality" read like a page out of Sibby Online (though no mention yet from Trobec of "secular humanists").
  5. Proposals for a carbon tax are just the "seeds... being sown for a green attack on the American economy" (again, the conservative fear-language).
  6. He flogs the Obama-savior meme.
  7. He criticizes Obama's deviation from the royal "we" as a sign that the president has "the biggest ego of them all" (and flogs the teleprompter meme to boot!).
Now if we could just get him to do the weather live from next week's Tea Parties....

So get your weather updates and conservative bush-waaah all from the same source: Jay Trobec, Doppler expert, conservative crusader!


  1. Cory:
    yes, Jay has conservative views that apparently offend you. But instead of engaging the substance of these views, you just poke fun and dismiss them as completely pointless or so far off base as to not be worth addressing.
    I think that the value of the stimulus money (whether it is doing what it is supposed to do, whether it is worth the costs of added federal debt, etc.) is a topic well worth a real debate.
    Likewise with the whole carbon tax idea and some of the other things coming from the far left environmentalists. We have to consider the costs to our economic viability in light of what the rest of the world is up to.
    The current and planned production of new coal-fired (little or no pollution controls) power plants in China and India alone casts a huge shadow over the idea that you or I can "save the earth" by not having a motor-home for example.
    Why not move your blog in the direction of having a real point by point debate with some of the ideas that seem so offensive to you?

  2. Carl, I'm not dismissing Jay's views nor setting out in this post to debate them point by point (I've been doing that in the full compendium of my blog output). I disagree with some of what Trobec says, but that doesn't mean I take offense. The aim of this post is simply to point out something I didn't know before: that KELOLand's chief meteorologist also has some outspoken political views.

  3. p.s.: check out my comment on Jay's blog, and you'll see I actually agree with him that planted questions are not cool.

    [p.s. #2: Ghost: no need to hide your name here. What will it hurt?]

  4. I think we need to examine the relationship between his conservative views and his ever-changing hair color. Could they be related?!

  5. "I think we need to examine the relationship between his conservative views and his ever-changing hair color. Could they be related?"
    This provides an excuse to remember Gerald Ford's comment about Ronald Reagan's hair..something like,
    " No, I don't think Ronald Reagan dyes his hair, it is just prematurely orange."

    I don't imagine we can expect much from Trobec on global warming.


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