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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep the RV: We'll Take the Smart Car!

My wife and I first saw the Smart car on the streets of Vancouver BC in 2005. Cute, tiny, and available as a convertible, it represents the direction GM ought to go if it wants to sell cars to the world: smaller, cheaper, more fuel-efficient, using less resources and less space. I know, it's no good for hauling your ice shack in a blizzard, but for 90% of the trips that 90% of us Americans make, it's all the car we need.

So we got excited when we saw a Smart car in Sioux Falls yesterday:

Whoo-hoo! A fellow American taking the lead toward smaller, smarter transportation!

Oh. Oops. Still American.

But hey, it's better than those RVs towing Escalades.

By the way, the Smart car was marked with the logo of LiddleKidz.com, whose Tina Allen was in Sioux Falls over the weekend to conduct an infant massage certification course.


  1. Now if the smart car was pulling the RV, then that would be efficiency at it's finest

  2. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Kris! :-D


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