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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shake John Thune's Hand at Jerry Prostrollo's House: $250, Please

Why do people send me stuff like this?
If you click on the image, you can read the names of the leading lights of Madison who are hosting this $250-a-handshake event at Jerry Prostrollo's house this evening. (Note to guests: please don't drive your Cadillacs.)

I would like to think the Thune campaign was considerate enough to include me on their invite list, and just in case, I did RSVP with Angel to let her know I would be unable to attend. But given that the invitation I received was a slightly askew photocopy, sent on plain paper, in a plain envelope with my address typed and no return address, I take it the invitation came not from campaign central but from some "Friend of John Thune" who prefers to remain anonymous.

Assuming this anonymous mailing is legit, I am pleased Senator Thune will be in town on what should be a gorgeous summer evening (summer officially begins just after midnight here). Thune's many Madison supporters will have a chance to thank the good Senator for all those earmarks that make Madison great and encourage him to keep that spigot open. And in the midst of this political version of a pagan Midsummer festival in our very green city, perhaps the good company and good weather will convince Senator Thune to build his library right here in Madison, as an annex to Senator Mundt's library at Dakota State.

1 comment:

  1. I served drinks too or drank heavily at the Egan park during bon fires or at the Minnehaha Country Club with most of those people...where is my invite?


    Perhaps my "interesting" past has something to do with it. Or the whole registered Dem thing.

    Shane Gerlach


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