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Friday, June 5, 2009

South Dakota Blogosphere Open House July 25: You're Invited!

Oh yeah, did I mention we're having a party? Yes, we: If you're reading this, you're invited (especially you, Sibby!).

Mr. Epp of the newly grand unified blog Middle Border Sun mentioned to me that it would be fun to have another blog picnic, as we did last summer here at Lake Herman. I figured, why not?

Saturday, July 25, we're holding a South Dakota Blogosphere Open House, right here at the Madville Times World Headquarters (also known as my house). Whether you write a South Dakota blog, comment on South Dakota blogs, or just read South Dakota blogs, you are welcome to come meet your online neighbors in person. And that's not just the political blogs: quilting blogs, kayak blogs, poetry blogs, ranching blogs... if you're connected to any part of the big South Dakota blogosphere, we'd love to have you over.

We'll start around 1 p.m. and just hang out through the afternoon and suppertime. I'll provide hot dogs and pop, so do let me know if you're coming (online or by phone: 256-4737) and how many friends you're bringing so I have an idea of how far to fill the freezer.

You're welcome to bring any goodies and beverages you care to share. And don't forget, we're right by the boat ramp, so feel free to bring your boat, your fishing pole, and your swim trunks. There's no program or schedule for the afternoon; just hanging out, having fun, and conversing with your neighbors. What better way to spend a summer afternoon?

Read more at the South Dakota Blogosphere Open House facebook page, or just give me a shout here at the lake. We look forward to seeing you here on July 25!

By the way, full disclosure on ulterior motives:


  1. Why isn't it catered by Flying Tomato Farms? (Well, maybe she can bring that vodka/chokecherry cordial thing she posted last week).

    I will check my calendar - sounds like fun!

    Props also to Madison for hosting the SD High School power lifting tourney each year... and they hold it in the auditorium instead of the gym so old spectator types can sit in comfy theatre chairs instead of bleachers. Now that's some Mad Love in my book!

  2. Actually, if I recall correctly, Flying Tomato brought a really yummy local salad last year. Mmmm! This year, you might be able to pick a bit of your own salad from Erin's garden!

  3. I'd love to come Cory. My oldest daughter and her husband live in Madison and we have a boat. The bad part is that by this date might be in the height of my wheat harvest. I'll know more closer to the date. If I show up I'll bring more than enough chow to help feed the assembled masses.

  4. We'll be glad to have you, Nick! But feeding the world comes before feeding the picnickers. :-)

  5. I'll try to bring something yummy this year--but a full-scale catering job isn't on my agenda! We'll see how much of the chokecherry cordial is left by that time and what's ready in the gardens.


  6. I expect nothing of my guests but civility, Rebecca. No catering necessary! :-)

  7. Hi, Corey,
    Thanks for the invite on my blog (and reading my blog!). Sounds like a great time. I plan to stop by!

  8. Hey, just found your site and have enjoyed reading it. Nice to see this community of South Dakota bloggers!



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