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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Potpourri: Usury Jobs, Political Blogging, and No Nukes

Sunday notes:
  • Today's online poll at that Sioux Falls newspaper asks if folks expect the new credit card regulations to lead to layoffs in the usury industry. When I voted (just once! promise!) at 10:15 CDT today, over 97% of respondents said no. Barring online click-chicanery, it would appear that our governor and craven Congressional delegation are in a profound minority. But don't put it past Citigroup and Premier BankCard to use the regulations as an excuse to announce big layoffs sometime this year.
  • Minnesota blogger Michael Brodkorb has been elected deputy chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. Alas, he says he will stop blogging when his job starts on July 1. It reminds me of Jon Lauck, pioneer of online propaganda in South Dakota, who left our happy blogosphere upon his formal designation as senior advisor to Senator Thune. Are political ascendancy and blogging mutually exclusive? We'll perhaps get some insight on that question over the coming year from the Munsterman for Governor campaign manager.
  • Environmentalists get one present this week: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission told Canadian Powertech Uranium Corporation that it needs to submit more information to earn consideration of its application to mine uranium near Edgemont. What is it about Canadian energy companies trying keep information from South Dakotans?

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