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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Angel Food Ministries Looking for Madison Takers

Another eager reader (yes, that's three different readers sending blogworthy ideas for this morning's edition!) alerts me to a food assistance program trying to get a foothold in Madison. Angel Food Ministries is a Christian outfit that distributes boxes of food monthly for about half the retail price. For $30, you get a box of food—a week's worth of chow for a family of four—worth about $60. You also get a salvation tract—small premium to pay to feed your family.

Angel Food Ministries evidently doesn't do any means-testing—i.e., you don't have to apply or meet some income guideline or demonstrate need. You just order a box, pay your money, and you've got it. Or you've got them: AFM says there's no limit to the number of boxes an individual or family can receive.

Angel Food Ministries has a distribution point at Calvary Assembly of God on the south side of Sioux Falls. According to my eager reader, AFM is looking to sign up 500 recipients in Madison to make it possible to bring a truck up to Madison and distribute here. Usually, that requires a host church and volunteers to distribute the boxes as well.

500 Madison individuals or families ordering food through AFM could be a stretch: that's over a tenth of the food buyers here in town. But with job losses and work slowdowns, we might see a lot of Madisononians looking for a new way to cut that grocery bill.

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  1. Angel Food Ministries is a great organization. I have been using them for a few months now, and I still can't believe the amount of groceries I receive. They offer great "special boxes" (vegetables and produce, grill boxes, steak options, Allergen-Free boxes). Those are also affordable and gives alot more options for recipes. It's so great to be apart of an organization that has over 50,000 volunteers helping out the community. Here is a link at the July menu. The order is done already but the August menu looks just as good. http://dev.angelnet.org/emailer/html/090708_menu.html
    or simple go to the website www.angelfoodministries.com


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