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Monday, July 6, 2009

Inter-City Bike Paths: Let's Roll!

Sioux Falls is looking at the possibility of extending its wonderful bike trail to connect with Tea, Harrisburg, and Brandon. Splendid! Give bicyclists more safe and practical places to ride, and you'll see more people become bicyclists. You'll also see more bike business and tourism.

Sioux Falls's intercity bike intentions hearken to my own proposal for a Lower Big Sioux Watershed Trail connecting Madison, Dell Rapids, and other locales here on the gently rolling southeast South Dakota prairie. Let's get those pavers and two-wheelers rolling!


  1. Great! What about adding in some bike lanes on city streets for traveling safely around the city? Sioux Falls is in desperate need of some bike lanes.

  2. Good point, Kristen! We need trails to get to town, but we also need good trails/lanes to get around town.


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