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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain Helps Sioux Falls Conserve Water

Rain is the worst weather for bicycling, so I can do without all the splashy days we've been having this month. However, on the upside, a little rain can have a remarkable impact on municipal water usage. Kevin Smith of Sioux Falls Public Works tells KELO that the big city's water usage is currently at 25 million gallons a day. That's down from 33 million gallons a day last July. Wow—8 million gallons of water saved each day, a 25% reduction, mostly just by people not feeling the need to throw water on their manicured grass.

Now 25 million gallons a day is still a lot of water, about 150 gallons per Sioux Fallsian. Note that out here in the Lake Herman metroplex, the Madville Times world headquarters uses about 100 gallons a day... and that's with three people, including a thirsty and inefficient three-year-old.

So when July turns hot again and that grass shades toward brown, Sioux Falls, go easy on the sprinklers, and save some water for the rest of us.

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