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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thad Wasson for Congress: Patriarchy and Black Helicopters

Dakota War College fulfills the 3.5% breaking-news-from-blogs quota for the day, announcing the candidacy of Piedmont's Thad Wasson for the GOP nomination for South Dakota's lone House seat.

Hot diggity: a real right-wing nut to give Chris Nelson supporters (and the rest of us) someone to laugh at. What sets off my alarm bells on this seemingly mild-mannered Qwest network tech, family man, and ex-Marine?
  • The good news: he's Lutheran! The bad news: he's Wisconsin Synod.
  • Of all the issues he could raise as a candidate for high office in South Dakota, he chooses to go off on the threat of the New World Order: "For the past 60 years this nation has slowly given away her sovereignty, from joining the United Nations to NATO to trade alliances from NAFTA to the WTO." Cue the black helicopters.
  • In a 2007 Mount Blogmore post on SCHIP, Wasson comments, "All of this talk about uninsured children makes it seem as if they appeared out of nowhere. Most have two parents and it is the Fathers responsibility to provide care for his children." The red meat blogger in me says, "Yes! Please! Run more rank fundagelical patriarchy against Stephanie!" The good neighbor in me says, "Please, spare us."
If Wasson wants a chance, he'd better drop the bushwah about sinister "global initiatives and one world solutions and a common good" and develop some practical, bread-and-butter South Dakota talking points. And before he starts making big speeches, he might want to practice answering questions about sexual equality and public policy.

But I will say this: a contest between equally polite and mild-mannered Chris Nelson and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin could be the most boring campaign ever. Wasson might at least deliver some Bruce-Whalen-worthy bloopers to keep the blogs busy.


  1. Cory -

    While I think it's safe to say you disagree with Thad philosophically, with your take on the specific synod he's a member of, and his religious beliefs in general, your post seems to be skirting the edge of something a lot darker.

  2. "something a lot darker"? Oh, chill out, Pat. Everyone knows you have the liberal ELCA, the conservative Missouri Synod, and then the really conservative Wisconsin Synod. Nothing dark or skirty there, it's just a fact of where the values generally align. Until Wasson puts up his campaign website and lays out his issues in a way that says otherwise, I read Wisconsin Synod membership the same way I would read adherence to Jim Dobson's writings: a sign of a political conservatism and fundagelicalism that won't serve us well in government.

  3. Hey Cory, at least he didn't commit the ultimate faux pas for someone in or running for the House by letting their spouse sell their home at a loss like Herseth Sandln did. We can thank PP for that little news tidbit that will serve us well come the 2010 election.

    Losing money on a house sale, absolutely. Religious beliefs that might influence his decisions in office, a little dark...


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