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Monday, August 31, 2009

AAA Predicts Slower Labor Day Tourism -- August School to Blame?

Stunning! Where I susually expect Triple AAA to beat the drum for more motoring, AAA South Dakota is actually predicting less travel here over the Labor Day weekend. AAA sees 9.5% fewer South Dakotans hitting the road this last summer holiday weekend, despite much cheaper gas than last year. They say part of the problem is relative: evidently last year's Labor Day was a big travel weekend. But this year's Labor Day will be dragged down by the later date and the down economy.

Parts of the problem not mentioned by AAA:
  • Lots of travelers got their fill of the road this weekend whooping it up at Prairie Village!
  • Lots of kids and teachers have been in school for over a week already. Hmm... anybody relying on tourism for their income care to revisit setting the school start date after Labor Day?

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