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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Connections: Inventor of World Wide Web Comments on My Blog

Holy flipping cow! Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, just commented on my blog! No, not here, but on my DSU blog. On Saturday, I posted on the seeming difficulty of making the Semantic Web (technology for embedding machine-readable meaning in Web content) work on a large scale. I may be biased against Semantic Web technology based on a course I took on it this summer that left me thinking, "Wow, this is hard!"

And then along comes Tim Berners-Lee, MIT professor, director of the World Wide Web Consortium and World Wide Web Foundation, and long-time explainer of the Semantic Web to tell me I may have Semantic Web all wrong:

There is an interesting reason for which Semantic Web does scale: that it has interesting scale-free properties. Or rather, the world has interesting scale-free properties and the Sem Web technologies allow one to take advantage of. It doesn’t require a ruling elite, just everyone doing their bit, in different contexts, which then are stitched together at the edges. See http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/Fractal#tco and compare that to the models used by previous systems.

I feel like I just got an autograph... and didn't have to ask for it! I'll never wash my blog again!

And anyone who says blogs are a waste of time promoting mindless jabber that leaves us teetering on the edge of cultural catastrophe is flat wrong.

Here's more from Berners-Lee on Semantic Web technology:

...and even more, a nice hour-long interview from MIT:


  1. I thought Al Gore took credit for inventing the internet.

  2. Har de har. ;-)

    Actually, the Internet was invented by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Federal Government. (Wow, if the government can invent the Internet, imagine what they could do with health care!)

    The Internet is the network of networks all around the world. The World Wide Web is the system created by the hypertext transfer protocol and browsers that lets us all make such easy use of the Internet. (Read more on the Internet–WWW difference here!)

  3. Oh good grief! Enough with the "Al Gore said he invented the Internet" nonsense!

    See here,
    here, and

  4. ok so you lost most of us with the technical jibber-jabber, but I think it would be like if Alan Jackson visited my site, so that's cool.


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