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Friday, August 14, 2009

Canadian Health Care: No Appointment Necessary

Good morning, faithful readers! We just got back from a quick family trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba. No, we didn't go for medical tourism: we just wanted to give Madville Times Jr. a little taste of urban life (skyscrapers, elevators, bus transfers, Walk/Don't Walk... and monkeys and a grizzly bear!).

However, if we had needed to visit a Canadian doctor, the visit wouldn't have slowed down our vacation much:

This clinic was a ten-minute walk from where we stayed. Of course, if we had been too sick to walk...

...we could have gotten house calls. In Winnipeg. Canada.

Contrary to what my Republican friends like to tell me, we saw no waiting lines around Winnipeg's clinics. As a matter of fact, the only long lines we saw were at Tim Hortons. Canadians wait for donuts, not doctors.


  1. While I also love the commentary on health care, I mostly wanted to comment to say that Winnipeg is one of my most memorable family vacations and that the Assiniboine Park Zoo is a key part of that. Glad you could give Madville Times, Jr. a similarly fun experience! :)

  2. Thanks, Toby! We concur: that zoo is great! And there were no lines there, either. Debbie, their polar bear, died last year (sad!), but we got to see their grizzly bear. I also got pirogies and sausages for lunch. Roar!

  3. Totally the norm, Anonymous "Eric"... and for whatever problems Canada has, no one in Canada, not even their Conservative party, will even consider adopting the American system.


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