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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get Your Blizzard! Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day Thursday

It's time for Madison to lead the nation again in helping the Children's Miracle Network! Thursday is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queens across the nation. And the Madison Dairy Queen and owner DeLon Mork are once again showing the rest of the country how to do things right. The Madison event will include live music, bouncy games for the kids, and other surprises.

Alas, I'll be on the road Thursday, so I won't have the pleasure of providing open-to-close live blog coverage as I have on the last couple Miracle Treat Days here and on RealMadison.org. But hey! That means one more open booth for hungry Blizzard eaters! And I hear MadisonSD.com will be filling in with some techno-coverage... maybe even a webcam! Oooo....

Just in case you need some reminder of what Miracle Treat Day is all about, ask Blaine, Maddie, Susanna, Adam and Amanda, Liam, Christopher, and all of the other kids in our area who've been helped by Miracle Treat Day and Childrens Miracle Network.

Now get out your quarters and come buy a Blizzard! Thursday, August 13, in Madison, at the best Dairy Queen in the country!


  1. Cory... Do you know what Matt an Peg want to do to me if DeLon sells 15,000 Blizzards?!?!? HELP!!!

  2. They've already shaved your head... hmm... should we buy you some Nair?

  3. Three words that should send any hairy guy screaming into the woods...


    I knew Groce was devious... I didn't realize he was a sadist, too!


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