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Monday, August 3, 2009

Notes from Tonight's City Commission Agenda: LAIC Handout, Vote Question, Sidewalks, Beavers, and Bugs!

I'm perusing the Madison City Commission agenda packet for tonight's meeting, at which Dwaine Chapel will ask the city for yet another zero-accountability handout for the Lake Area Improvement Corporation. The agenda packet doesn't even include a letter from the LAIC indicating how much of our tax dollars they might ask for, or for what purposes. Wouldn't want to much information getting out to the public, would we, LAIC?

I notice a slight discrepancy in the minutes from last week's meeting: the minutes report (on page 16 of the 36-page agenda packet) that the vote to hand out $125K to cover James River Equipment's Highway 34 turning lane was unanimous. However, the Madison Daily Leader reported the vote was 4–1, with Nick Abraham dissenting (perhaps on faulty geographic reasoning, but so be it).

So which is it? Nick, did you vote no or not?

Also of interest are the packet of letters from residents requesting extensions on their sidewalk installation deadlines. Most refer to complications with lining up a contractor. One handwritten note, however, makes a rather more pointed argument. I transcribe verbatim from page 32 of the agena packet:

To whoever it may concern:

Could we please get an extension on our sidewalk? I am employed by Gehl Co.—only working 6 days per month. Our funds can't handle it now. Such a project right now with the economy and Gehl employees.

David Anderson

Perhaps the city will be as generous with Mr. Anderson as they are with the LAIC and big business.

Randy Schaefer is also among the folks requesting a little more time to install that darn sidewalk. He appears indirectly a second time in the minutes: his Silver Creek Circle development is among five miscreant properties listed in the mayor's report (page 36) as having tall grass and weeds. Great Scotts! Cut the guy a break—he's boning up on all those messy Regents issues.

Someone also complained to the mayor about the need for some more mowing along the bike trail. Good work, kids! A while back, I did see what appeared to be a private citizen taking matters into his own hands and mowing along the trail towards its eatern terminus. He even had the courtesy to go back over the trail with his rider mower and blow the grass off the pavement. Nice!

Also in the mayor's report: complaints about a horse in the yard on Northwest 6th Street, beaver activity on Silver Creek, and (today's piƩce de resistance) bug bites at a motel. It must be fun to be mayor.

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