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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pam Merchant Blogs!

Castlewood conservative Kristi Noem (R-6) had better get back on her legislative blogging horse: she now has a blogging buddy in Brookings! State Senator Pam Merchant (D-7) has started a blog of her own. Senator Merchant's inaugural (and so far only) post bids a fond farewell to the Norwegian exchange student who stayed with the mercahnt family during the past year. But for you McCarthyites out there, Merchant offers some tantalizing Red code words:

When I think of the societal challenges we face, such as growing a new economy, establishing healthcare coverage for all, and keeping our highways in better condition; we have a lot of work to do, and we must support one another in our endeavors. We must realize and pursue challenges, pushing ourselves beyond our individual limitations, into much needed collaborative solutions [Pam Merchant, "A Norwegian Sendoff," District 7 SD, 2009.08.09]

Support one another... push beyond individual limitations... collaborative solutions... sounds like socialism to me!

Sibby, PP, your ball....

Seriously, I am pleased to see another legislator pick up the blogging baton and offer constituents another avenue for communication. Keep on typing, Pam!

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