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Friday, August 21, 2009

SD Peace &Justice: Single-Payer Best

The South Dakota Peace and Justice Center weighs on the side of socialists like Congressman Anthony Weiner and me: their August policy analysis calls for a single-payer health coverage system. SDPJC joins the myth-busting crew on three points:
  1. You don't have choice under a private insurance system... unless you think "cling to my employer's health insurance or do without" is real choice.
  2. You and your doctor don't have control with private insurance—ever hear of "managed care"?
  3. Single-payer doesn't mean long waits... at least not any longer than you might wait now for care.
(On that third point, Erin and I have a friend who has a medical problem that could cause paralysis. This friend got a cursory interview with a surgeon, who said he'd do the surgery in six months and then didn't stick around long enough to answer questions about why that wait was acceptable. And folks say America has no waiting for health care? Riiiight.)

SDPJC holds its nose and says a strong public option—government insurance every American can buy—is an acceptable compromise. But let's remember: public option is an extreme compromise down from the successful standard of public health coverage in dozens of other countries.

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  1. Here's a group of doctors for Single Payer. Web site, traveling .... I'm really hoping some news covers them and hoping Obama would meet with them.



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