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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chamber of Commerce Relies on Government Subsidy

Sibby thinks he's got news this morning, noting that the Cheyenne River Chamber of Commerce has received $37K in federal stimulus dollars. So much for the free-market capitalist Chamber of Commerce, right?

Obviously Sibby has forgotten an example much closer to home, the Madison Chamber of Commerce, which subsists on a regular subsidy of$60K or more each year from the mostly Republicans who run the City of Madison. Socialism? Fascism? Small-town hypocrisy? What say you, Sibby?


  1. Madison should run their CofC on dues from members and fundraisers. Not by property taxes at the expense of those on fixed incomes.

  2. Thad, please come to Madison's Lincoln Day Dinner and say that. I'll buy a ticket to hear you say that. For an invitation, please contact Julie Gross, Lake County Republican Party chairperson. You can reach her at the Madison Chamber of Commerce, which she directs.

  3. I am a true fiscal conservative. I will buy my own ticket.


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