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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favre + Wind: Vikes Invest in Green Power

If hiring Favre didn't turn diehard fans away, this green move surely will: the Minnesota Vikings plan to buy wind power from Xcel Energy to power the Metrodome. Alas, there are no plans for windmills atop the dome (though wouldn't that be a great way to help motorists find the Dome?). The Vikings will join 200 other businesses and over 21,000 residential customers in Xcel's Windsource program, in which participants pay a monthly premium to support Xcel's development of wind power, like the muni-juice they'll start buying from Winona County next year.

What's next—Gardenburgers and salad at the concession stands? Oh, wait... already there.

Alas, you Vikings fans who find environmentalism unmanly will have to turn in your horns and purple jerseys. Maybe you can find a team more representative of your support for unsustainable extractive industries... but dang! The Oilers aren't around any more. Maybe the 49ers?


  1. If the scenario in that image were realized, Minneapolis would stand out on the green map of the world!

    Here in Minneapolis
    we've come full circle.
    We use the wind
    to make the juice
    that powers the blowers
    that make the wind
    that inflates the dome
    that Paul Bunyan built.

  2. Perhaps I should change the comment policy: I'll allow Anons back in, but everyone must comment in verse. Lovely, Stan!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Love the picture. It's hanging in my office now.
    Steve Mudd
    Windsource Product Manager


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