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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heidelberger Apologizes for Blowing Stack in Public Library

To the Staff and Patrons of the Madison Public Library:

I apologize for behaving like a jerk last night.

After adjourning last night's Lake Herman Sanitary District meeting, I chewed out fellow board member Larry Dirks. He chewed back. Our exchange was loud and childish. (Yes, at one point, it really did devolve to "No I didn't!—Yes you did!") We carried on this dispute in the meeting room, the main entryway, and outdoors on the front steps and sidewalk.

I regret that this exchange took place in the Madison Public Library. I generally have great respect for the sacred, contemplative quiet of libraries. Residents young and old gather in the library to read, think, and relax in peace. Our public library also extends the courtesy of using its meeting space to civic groups like our sanitary district, with the expectation that our meetings will serve the public good. I disrespected that quiet and that courtesy. I thought only about the dispute at hand and not about the good people not involved in the dispute. With my raised voice, I caused distraction and discomfort for library staff and patrons.

Having a loud personal argument in a public library is irresponsible and unneighborly. Again, I apologize to the staff and patrons of the Madison Public Library for my uncivil behavior. In the future, I will keep all such vocal disputes outside of the library.


Cory Allen Heidelberger
Lake Herman, SD

—e-mailed to the Madison Public Library 2009.09.17 08:05 CDT


  1. First it was Serena Williams...then Kanye West...Now Cory Heidelberger. Good things come in threes. At least you were man enough to admit your fault and apologize for the incident.

    I'm sure it is frustrating to have two people on one board, impossible to get a majority decision on something you're passionate about.

    In the future, before the fuse lights and the bomb goes off, ask yourself, "Will this matter to me ten years from now?" That usually puts an argument in perspective.

  2. Look at it this way, at least you weren't chugging cognac like Kanye West before the meeting... you didn't threaten to shove a tennis ball down someone's effing throat... and none of it was televised! :P

  3. Taunia Adams9/17/2009 5:27 PM

    How much have you received in campaign contributions?

    Or worse, how much has your opponent received?


    "There is a strength in the union of very sorry men." Homer

  4. A lesson on letting emotions getting the best of rationality.

    Apply the lesson to current events and perhaps you will better understand those you believe irrationaly disagree with you.

    In an emotional argument there is no room for rationality.

    As always,
    Joseph G Thompson

  5. Taunia: actually, not one cent, dang it! Hit that tip jar, people! I guess I should have saved my outburst for live national television. ;-)

  6. Cory,

    Even the most calm, cool, and collected of individuals such as ourselves lose their cool at one time or another. It's hard not to when you're passionate about things you believe in. You're a good man to admit your fault and apologize for what happened. I'm looking forward to lunch on the 1st. See you soon old friend.


  7. (That's fellow erstwhile MHS thespian Dave Bice!)


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