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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madville Times Beating Dakota War College

Right now, PP is thinking, "Small victories for small minds...."

We all know the Madville Times beats Dakota War College on policy and logic (Heidepriem = Castro? Come on, Pat!). My humble blog also just happens to beat the dean of conservative South Dakota blogging on RSS subscriptions. On Google Reader. Just barely:

PP's Google Reader subscribers

My Google Reader subscribers:

Tee hee!

If I ever catch PP on actual site hits, I'll really be insufferable.


  1. You should compare the discussion your blog generates though with Dakota War College. Since you demanded no anonymous posts, people might be reading you, but I'll bet not nearly as much because the interesting discussions are gone. Most topics get no posts. If that's what you want,it's your blog and your right. But it's not nearly as interesting.

  2. You're the champ, Cory. We all know that. Keep kickin' wing-nut butt, brother. BF

  3. Thanks, Bill!

    And Linda M., All I want is conversation with people who are willing to look me in the eye (i.e., put their name to their words). For the most part, anonymous shouters don't say much that interests me. The comments of speakers with names, like you, are much more interesting.

  4. Taunia Adams9/11/2009 6:54 AM

    PhPh will be here soon, explaining how you're wrong and he's right, no matter what the polls say any where, any how, any day.

    Nonnie, keep whining. You posting here, with a nick, shows this place isn't so bad, even under your own definition.

    Cory, I think your posts have become especially intellectual in quality. I don't comment much here, but I read daily. I can change that. :)

  5. I check here because you have a lot of local items of interest that the paper doesn't necessarily cover. Keep it up!

    I still think that anonymous posters do make a contribution to blogs, but this is your blog and your call, so I'll go with that.

    Better get back to work and try to ignore blogging for awhile!


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