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Friday, September 4, 2009

Munsterman Iconography: Looking Good on Mount Rushmore

My PDF copy of South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Scott Munsterman's book doesn't include the cover, so I didn't catch this graphic juxtaposition until I watched Matthew J. Trask's interview with the candidate this morning (who needs TV when we've got Hubba's House?)

[video capture courtesy of Hubba's House Global Entertainment Conglomerate]

Style yourself as Reagan, put your face on Mount Rushmore—I guess there's nothing wrong with shooting for the moon. But how did you Republicans feel last year when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were happily juxtaposing their mugs with South Dakota's greatest faces? Just checking....


  1. The notion of putting any new face on Mount Rushmore is ridiculous.

    Nobody in their right mind would seriously imagine that their face ought to be up there.

    As for our next governor, Musterman's my man, but Daugaard'll do.

  2. I mean Munsterman! My Lord, I ought to correctly spell the name of the guy I support.


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