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Monday, September 7, 2009

Munsterman to Create Hitler Youth

If you're afraid of the President of the United States giving your kids a 20-minute speech on the importance of doing their homework and graduating, you should be terrified of South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Scott Munsterman's plan to establish his own political youth corps in every South Dakota school:

We must also ask the question, “Why do our teens and young adults become pregnant and why do they make risky choices that are not the best for their future?” As adults, we simply cannot answer these questions, but our teens and young adults can. By establishing a young adult commission in each school district through postsecondary student government structures, we can build a partnership relationship with our youth to: first, understand their dilemmas in life; and second, work together with them to set a new direction for their future and give them hope [Scott Munsterman, A Vision for South Dakota, 2009, p. 11].

Hope? Hope?! That's the same language that durned commie Obama uses! There's Marxofascists everywhere trying to indoctrinate our kids!

We can only hope that the good people of South Dakota will see through this crass ploy to manipulate the emotions ("understand their dilemmas") of our impressionable youth to forward one man's sinister political agenda.


  1. Munsterman is talking about open teen discussion, two-way conversation, opening up communication with youth and helping them create a better, more responsible future options.

    President Obama wants to hold a 20-minute one-way, one-sided, potentially politically-tilted video to a captive grade school audience.

    Why not air his televised message to children at 7pm on national TV? That way kids and their parents have the power of choice via TV remote control instead of Obama control.

    President Obama loves himself and desperately wants others to love him as well. Labeling Munsterman as Hitler is as dumb as calling Obama, Osama. Childish.

  2. Kinda like when Reagan talked to school kids about tax cuts? Not sure what is so 'political' about telling kids to stay in school? Stop spreading the BS.

    And, Scott, kids are getting pregnant because schools aren't teaching them comprehensive sex ed. This has been proven time and time again.


  3. Ah, Rod, how it must hurt to have a mirror held up to the absurdity of some of these GOP smokescreen attacks on President Obama.

    By the way, did you notice that David Brooks considers your concerns about the President's "do your homework" address to be "totally unrealistic and insane"? Childish doesn't sound so bad compared to that.

  4. No, childish is talking about the creation of "Hitler Youth". Come on, Cory... you're better than that your lesser-principled liberal brethren!

  5. I'm certainly better than the conservatives trying to defend similarly absurd attacks on the President. I'm making a point here, Matt: to suggest that Munsterman's call for "young adult commissions" is a recruitmen pitch for Hitler Youth is as nutty as the things I've heard this summer from Republicans about death panels and Obama indoctrination. You can't have it both ways.

  6. Cory, if you're going to quote, at least quote in context. David Brooks actually said, "The death panel right is upset about things that are totally unrealistic and insane." He went on to say people are not too concerned about the president telling kids to do their homework and stay away from drugs. He wasn't even talking about the gradeschool address when he mentioned "unrealistic and insane." Anyone can click on your link and verify David Brooks' words.

    Brooks also said, regarding healthcare, "he (Obama) has been losing the debate. His approval ratings are down 20 percent, there's now solid public majorities against health care reform. And I'm not sure it's the reform, it's the sense government's a little - spending too much getting out of control."

    Brooks' opinion is dead on! There isn't a soul in the US that doesn't feel healthcare needs some reform, but the spending spree we've seen in the first eight months has America very nervous.

    Getting back to your original post, comparing Munsterman to Hitler, people weren't allowed to respond to Hitler, but I'm sure teens will have plenty of opportunity to express themselves to Munsterman.

  7. I dispute the contention that I am in any way taking Brooks out of context or attempting to twist words. I don't need to play that game. Brooks was responding to a direct question from the NPR-ATC interviewer about the uproar over President Obama's address to the schools. He was characterizing the uproar as a branch of the nutty thinking and propaganda of the "death panel right." He was speaking very directly to the grade school address. Rod, the only word games here are your misrepresentation of Brooks's words on the topic.

    But I guess by Rod's thinking, any presidential address is tyranny if it isn't a live call-in show.

  8. Um... forgive me for saying so, but didn't Bush I also take flack from Dems for this when he wanted to address students? Seems like Deja Vu all over again.

    And as for the Dems taking flak... well, that's what happens when you wear the daddy-pants.

  9. I don't know, Matt, did he? Feel free to provide some evidence of any comparable mass mobilization to shield children from the evil influence of Presidential addresses from Bush Jr., Bush Sr., or any other President.

    I guess you could say Bush took incoming once when he addressed a school, but it wasn't from Dems....

  10. The text of the president's speech has been released (link here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gDqQJuGAC0Xb5hUlwfuOZ-0hr5_gD9AIL5680), so we can all go read it for ourselves. Personally, I can't imagine what conservatives could possibly be opposed to in this speech. It's all about personal responsibility, which should be straight up Republicans' ally.


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