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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NPR: Herseth Sandlin Faces "Substantial Challenge"

I'm perusing NPR.org this morning for news on health care when I find an interesting political note. On a map that breaks down percentages of uninsured Americans by state and Congressional district, NPR includes a filter for "swing districts," "75 House districts... identified by NPR News as districts in which incumbents face substantial challenges in the next election."

Making that list: South Dakota, where incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has won two straight landslide victories and faces one declared 2010 challenger, party outsider Thad Wasson of Piedmont. I wonder what tea leaves NPR is reading....


  1. Taunia Adams9/22/2009 9:30 AM

    I like Thad's comments here and various places. *cough Decorum Forum *cough.

    From his comments, he seems much more middle of the road, someone I think would work with Dems and workable Republicans. He doesn't seem Republican straight party ticket.

    Might be an interesting race if he can get the funds and support.

  2. I agree that Wasson might give us a debate that diverges nicely from the currently rehearsed GOP talking points. He's given me some reasonable answers. But be careful with that vote, Taunia: Wasson's also quick to characterize the Greenpeace Rushmore protestors as "domestic terrorists," and his focus on anti-globalization seems a little out of tune with nuts-and-bolts problem-solving. His choice of trade war with China as his number one dream policy is admirably radical... but is that really the best, most practical policy course to pursue?

    Wasson also appears to support Rep. Addison "Joe" Wilson's breach of Congressional decorum. Is that the guy we want occupying our lone seat in the House during the State of the Union address?

  3. Taunia Adams9/22/2009 11:50 AM

    Points taken, Corey.

    The first "discussion" I had with him was over China. While we disagreed that China was America's number one concern (because China was awarded fuel exploration contracts in Iraq), his argument was thought out. He can usually defend his postions pretty well, right or wrong, even when it's contrary to the party line.

    Ask him about marijuana.

    Him thinking is so much more than we get from most politicians. Usually it's party line, only, and that's all you get.

    Just saying.


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