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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

R. Blake Curd: 2.2 Times Phonier Than Heidepriem?

Anonymi do have some use.

Dakota War College and slime-meister Lucas Lentsch of the SDGOP have had some fun criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Scott Heidepriem for having a nice big house (asking price $1.275 million).

By that tack, it looks like Republican R. Blake Curd is out of the running for any high office in 2010. Just as Pat Powers attempts to puff up the health care histrionicist to run for Congress (puffed cheese curds, anyone?), a commenter notes that Curd's house is up for sale:

10,056 square feet and turrets, all yours for $2.8 million. Boy, sell that, and you won't need any campaign donations.

Let's see, that price would make R. Blake Curd what... the phoniest tea-bagger in South Dakota?

Update 2009.10.05: Well, running for House must sell houses: now that R. Blake Curd has declared his candidacy for U.S. House, his turreted castle is no longer listed on the realty pages. You can look at the old version of the page archived in the Google cache. And just so you know I wasn't blowing smoke, here are some screen shots of the original listing (click each to enlarge). Darn nice house! Funny, though: no tea room.


  1. Ahh, but turrets afford a better angle of fire on angry mobs attempting to storm the walls.

  2. No one ever said that Scott was phoney for HAVING a nice house--we said that he was phoney because he forever wants to APPEAR as a regular Joe--when he really is a trial lawyer who lives high on the hog.
    Dr Curd has never said that he is a regular Joe. He won't say that he is exceptional either--but he is! He is an amazingly skilled hand surgeon-and certainly put in the time and dollars to learn his trade. (He still doesn't make as much as an equally skilled footbal player.)


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