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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ThePostSD.com Features Madville Times

...or, "New New Media Says Hello to Old New Media"?

Hey, look at that: South Dakota's newest local media, ThePostSD.com, features little ol' me as their first Blog of the Week! I'm honored!

The Post links my feature on Sibsons and the Keystone pipeline as an example of "original journalism that mainstream news outlets ignore." The best lines:

“I want people to buy local fruits and veggies and also want them to consume locally produced information,” [Heidelberger] said.

Through the Madville Times, Heidelberger is helping to expand the menu of local content, a delight for the starved minds of inquisitive South Dakotans [Scott D. Meyer, "Madison Resident Encourages Community Involvement Through Blog," ThePostSD.com, 2009.09.09].

Full disclosure: I once helped drive Scott and his Brookings debate team partners safely through the wilds of the Rockies and no man's land in eastern Oregon. So you could say ThePostSD.com is here to inform us today because I didn't drive Scott into the Columbia River nine summers ago. :-)

Oh yeah, and don't forget, Scott is a Brookings debate veteran. There go those debaters again, doing interesting things.

Thanks for the good coverage, Scott!


  1. Well deserved, Corey! Congratulations, and good foresight!

  2. Congratulations on exceeding 200,000 on your SiteMeter!

  3. 200K -- hey! you're right! Thanks, Rod. And thank you, John.

    Now, on to a million!

  4. I agree. It is very well deserved. Congratulations.


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