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Friday, September 18, 2009

Thune Votes Against Bikes

Michael Christensen, the dedicated Sioux Falls cycling advocate who leads by exercise with The MinusCar Project, catches Senator John Thune in bicycular tongue bifurcation... or perhaps velocipedal prevarication... or maybe Huffy hypocrisy.

The MinusCar Project reports that Senator Thune voted Wednesday for an amendment sponsored by his Okie pal Tom Coburn to let states opt out of the Transportation Enhancements portion of the transportation bill. The Transportation Enhancements mandate requires states spend 10% of their transportation funds on transportation alternatives to automobiles, like public transit, walking paths, and bike trails. States can also use the money for highway beautification and roadkill reduction, which apparently vexes Coburn to no end.

Luckily, Thune was in the minority. Christensen notes that Senator Thune was more than happy to pose for pictures and take credit for a new multi-use trail in Sioux Falls last year funded by the Transportation Enhancements funds. But now Thune is happy to go along with his conservative government dismantlers to knock the legs and pedals out from under such projects.

As Michael says, thanks, John.

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