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Thursday, October 15, 2009

At the Madville Times, Every Day Is Blog Action Day

Badlands Blue and some other folks remind me today is Blog Action Day to fight climate change. Nothing big, just thousands of blogs, all working together to focus attention on one issue and save the planet.

But silly me, I have a meeting with my advisor to try again to convince him my dissertation isn't complete hogwash. Fortunately, every day is blog action day at the Madville Times. So feel free to peruse some previous posts on promoting a clean energy policy for America's future:


  1. Does that mean you're going to celebrate "Blog Unicorn Day," since unicorns are equally as mythical as global warming being man's fault?

    (As opposed to any temperature variations being a direct result of cyclical variations in the sun's energy output).

  2. When military men like Wesley Clark, John Warner, and Operation Free start seeing unicorns, you might want to pay attention.

    But come on, Pat. You know my favorite holiday is Independence Day... the kind of independence we'll get for ourselves and our great-great-grandkids by using less foreign oil, less fossil fuel, and more renewable sources built and maintained by good old American know-how. Wave the flag! Pass ACESA!


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