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Monday, October 19, 2009

Heavy Hitters for Health Coverage Reform: SDSU Rally Tuesday!

The big health care reform rally at SDSU's Sylvan Green tomorrow afternoon features some impressive speakers:
President Miller! Good to see you on the green again, and fighting for health coverage reform done right. And I would love to see the good Dr. Holm go toe-to-toe with Tea Party doc R. Blake Curd— I don't think R. Blake would come out feeling very well.

Update 19:05 CDT
: If it rains, run from Sylvan Green to the South Dakota Art Museum—the basement there is the back-up location for the rally.


  1. We need three items for quality health care (1) Charges to the patient. (2) Fundraisers to pay for patient care that is not profitable. (3) Government grants.

    The health care debate is leaning towards a government takeover of the health care system. If the goal is to provide access to rural areas and to provide care to those unable to receive it the best way forward is to increase grants.

  2. Fundraisers: I'm really uneasy trying to cover skyrocketing catastrophic costs with spaghetti feeds and poker runs. The money we raised in Madison on DQ Miracle Treat Day would be wiped out by one hard round of chemo for one patient.

    Government grants -- do I hear the Republican in the room supporting more money from Uncle Sam?

    Charges to the patient -- higher deductibles? Ban private insurance?


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