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Friday, October 2, 2009

Madison DQ Gets Good Vibes from Corporate

We all know Madison's Dairy Queen is the best in the country. It doesn't hurt that the head office in Minneapolis knows it, too. Check out this audio blog from Chief Brand Officer Michael Keller, who visited our DQ on August 13 this year and saw the amazing turn out for Miracle Treat Day.

Did you catch that phrase I just used quite naturally: our DQ? That's exactly the kind of language that's music to the ears of branding guys like Keller. Part of Delon Mork's success is that the DQ isn't just his. Keller gets the impression that in Madison, the community owns the brand.

Community ownership? Hmm... sounds almost socialist....


  1. Cori,

    Delon's and his father's brand of "socialism" is what made America great.

    Most of Madison's and the nation's business owners could learn much from this young man.

    When a business truly succeeds, the business, the owner, the employee, and the community succeed, not just the owner.

    Delon is a rarity in a truly ethically screwed up business world.

    Congrats to him, and the community needs to hope that he never decides to leave Madison.

    Joseph G Thompson

  2. When Dwaine Chapel moves on, we need to beg Delon to take the job and pay him what it takes. He's positive, yet forthcoming, sensible, and community minded. But he's an absolute natural promoter, and one person that could successfully bring in new employers. Did I mention authentic?


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