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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Munsterman Campaign Manager Thumps Knudson for Supporting Tax Increases

Munsterman for Governor campaign manager Pat Powers uses his blog to take more digs at gubernatorial opponent Dave Knudson, this time criticizing Knudson's support for increasing gas taxes and vehicle registration fees to address South Dakota's budget shortfall.

Never mind that Knudson may be the only fiscal realist among a field of GOP fantasists who think $150 million shortfall will go away with wishful thinking coupled with continued quiet acceptance of federal money. What I find interesting is that of all the members of the Long-term Highway Needs and Department of Transportation Agency Review committee who Knudson predicts will vote today in favor of those increases, Powers leaps at the chance to single out his boss's political opponent for criticism.

But Powers assures us his site is his opinion only, not a campaign website.

To his credit, Powers follows up with a list of committee members (after I send him the link in a comment). He pre-emptively blames any vote for an increase on "Liberal Republicans on the panel" and those darn minority Democrats.

Still absent from his criticism: Dakota War College favorite Shantel Krebs, who is the chair of the committee Powers puts on the hotseat. Krebs was on the SDPB news breaks yesterday thumping the drum for tax increases. She said that South Dakota could jack up road taxes and still have the lowest taxes in the nation.

I assume Powers be cheering Krebs’s “former” status as well and calling for her to resign her vice chairship of the state GOP. After all, she must be one of those fake Liberal Republicans.


  1. Cory -

    Just FYI, My post on the committee members came about an hour before you were mewling on my website about who is on the committee.

    Otherwise, as I noted on my website, I didn’t realize I needed to vet my topics through you.

    If Shantel would have been in the article I quoted, it would seem as if she’s on the hot seat as well. How soon you forget I have taken her to task for proposals she’s made in the past. http://dakotawarcollege.com/archives/4340

    Any and all of the legislators who support an increase in the gas tax as well as doubling fees in a time of recession will be hearing about it from me.

    I must not be the only one who thinks this way - because I'm already hearing that these proposal might get squashed at the e-board level, and anyone who wants to bring the tax increase will have to put their names on it and do it themselves.

    In that case, since it would be a tax increase, it likely be primed by your neighbor Gerry, I won't have to worry about it, since that's the kiss of death for a measure.

  2. AND I won't have to worry about it, since that's the kiss of death for a measure.

    (bad sentence structure when I'm aggressively telling it as it is.)

  3. "mewling" -- always this ridiculous condescension. And always trying to deflect the issue to my neighbor Gerry or someone, anyone, other yourself and your party.

    Republicans run the committee and the legislature. Republicans helped run the budget into the ground with irresponsible policies. Republicans are proposing the tax increases. Deal with it.


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