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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poll: Readers Give Thumbs Down to Five Lanes on Hwy 34 in Madison

The results of the latest Madville Times poll shows we're not terribly impressed with the new paint job on Highway 34 through Madison. I asked readers, "How do you like the new 5-lane striping on Highway 34 in Madison?"
  • Love it: 10 (12%)
  • Hate it: 42 (51%)
  • Mildly amused: 13 (16%)
  • Mildly annoyed: 16 (19%)
Nothing like changing the status quo to rile up Madisonites. Strange thing is, after a full week, I have yet to use the new center turn lane.

Anyway, thanks for your input! New poll coming up!


  1. It would be interesting to see how people feel about it in 6 months. The lanes feel quite narrow. I hate thinking of kids, bikes, and semi trailers on one lane.

  2. Bigger trucks and trucks pulling trailers are edge to edge and over. Even a tree trimming truck waited at a stop sign by the Pizza Ranch so the cars on the inside lane could go ahead on NW 2nd. Just not enough room unless you take a part of the turning lane going down NW 2nd for these guys. Too close for comfort.


  3. Cory, you said you still have not used the left turn lane, but does this mean you have not turned left?

    Ha, just kidding... a couple times I just about forgot to use the left turn lane.


  4. Mr. Wollman, I've been arcing through a hard left turn since Dennis Kucinich ran for President in 2004. :-) But locally, somehow, in the past week, I haven't needed to make a left turn in town on Highway 34 except for at Egan, and that doesn't count, since that turn lane has been there for years.


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