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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Powers Protects Munsterman from Elitist Critique

Dakota War College celebrates Senator Thune's war on "elitists":

“With falling beef prices, higher costs of production, and onerous cap-and-trade legislation looming, the last thing ranchers and employees of America’s meat industry need right now is elitist lecturing and misinformation from Lord Stern—a reported meat eater,” Thune told Washington Whispers [Paul Bedard, "Senator Thune Says Horsefeathers to Global Warming Veganism," USNews: Washington Whispers,2009.10.27]

Indeed, those darned elitists... like our GOP candidates for governor? According to potential fifth-wheel Bill Napoli, DWC's owner works for an elitist:

Napoli says the other Republican candidates do not relate to typical South Dakotans because those candidates are elitist, white-collar politicians. Napoli, who owns an antique car shop, says he is a blue-collar conservative ["Former Lawmaker Considers Run for Governor," AP via KELOLand.com, 2009.10.27].

Of course, that portion of the AP article is exactly the portion that GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Munsterman's campaign manager omitted from his blog post on Napoli's announcement, and exactly the content that Munsterman's manager hilariously declared to violate "fair use" and thus justified deleting from a comment I left on his Thune elitism post.

Dakota War College: bought and paid for by the Munsterman for Governor campaign.


  1. Steve Sibson10/28/2009 9:07 AM


    I doubt that both af you will agree that there are big goverrnment elitists in both political parties.

  2. I didn't realize this was now the Whaaaaville times.

    Cory, when you'll allow any and all commenters, instead of your fairly draconian standards, then I'll take your criticism over comment moderation seriously.

  3. Still no direct response to the issues! Always dodging, always going for the personal attack. Napoli indicts Munsterman and the entire Republican field as elitist, and Powers has nothing. Nothing. Amazing!


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