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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember Tony Dean: Act on Climate Change

Badlands Blue provides an appropriate reminder that Tony Dean, South Dakota's sportsman sans pareil, believed climate change was no myth:

Here’s a quote in the book from Tony about how global warming has been affecting waterfowl: “I’ve been hunting the Missouri River for 40 years, and I could always count on birds’ being here by the first week in November. But the migration has been getting later and later. Last year we saw more ducks in the closing days of the season than we’d seen at any other time in the year. Global warming isn’t some kind of nerdy abstraction; it’s what I deal with every time I throw out my decoys.”

It's not just us hippies; even a man who made his living with shotgun and fishing rod knew that we have to take care of the planet. Whether you shoot ducks with camera or 12-gauge, you should support climate-change legislation.

Related: The National Academy of Scientists calculates that burning fossils fuels costs the United States (just our country!) $120 billion each year in health costs. That includes thousands of premature deaths from air pollution... assuming you're o.k. with putting a dollar value on individual lives.

And some of your want to use even more coal and oil?


  1. Tony Dean never proved man caused the climate to change.

    Tony Dean called himself a "Teddy Roosevelt Republican". Unfortunately, Tony passed away before I understood what the meant. Teddy formed the "Progressive Party" and was part of the far-left big-government movement that birthed itself at John Hopkins University in the late 1800s. That was the beginning of America's destruction.

  2. I will stand up for Tony because Tony stood up for all of us as someone who was fearless in his compassion for our outdoors and for an outdoor ethic in South Dakota. Even if it meant he lost some vital advertisers. As with the issue of climate change, Tony was usually ahead the rest of us who have an outdoor ethic about the science behind the issue and the necessity to act quickly and responsibly.

    When I was an outdoor writer for the Watertown Public Opinion, Tony was a mentor who'd stop for coffee at the Drake and offer advice on issues of that time. Tony was fierce in his defense of wetlands easements, dove hunting, proving the science behind the creation of lead shot zones, public access for hunters and fishing, and the clean water and clean air acts. And, yes, there were those, then as there are now, who felt political opinion (usually funded by deep pockets) had equal or greater standing than objective scientific research and analysis, which is squarely behing the climate change legislation.

  3. Here are some respected organizations which were part of the book referenced in your post and the Badlands Blue post, Seasons' End. It's no left-wing conspiracy. These organizations sponsored the book to warn the hunting and fishing community about the real and growing threat of climate crisis:

    Ducks Unlimited
    Trout Unlimited
    Pheasants Forever
    Izaak Walton League of America
    Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
    Coastal Conservation Association
    American Sport Fishing Association
    Boone & Crockett Club
    Delta Waterfowl
    Wildlife Management Institute
    The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

  4. Steve Sibson10/20/2009 4:37 PM


    Thanks for proving my point with the "Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership" these wildlife groups are part of teh "Progressive Movement". I referred to Tony as a socialist regarding his view on public lands and on perpetual easements, and I learned while debating Jefferson's writings on the Decorum Forum, that we have no natural right to take away from future generations the private ownership of land.

  5. For those of your who actually do believe in man made global warming please explain to me the summer we just experienced here in SD. Not one day here in Madison over 100 degrees?

  6. Well, Tim, I hate to argue global climate on individual data points, but I might point to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, which says "the combined average global land and ocean surface temperature for August was second warmest on record, behind 1998. For the June-August 2009 season, the combined global land and ocean surface temperature was third warmest on record."

  7. Understanding that my microphone will be turned off if I ask this question, what about the climate change enthusiasts lies about polar bears? There are evidently more polar bears now, not less. When Gore was asked this, he responded by having the questioner's microphone turned off. In other words, he told the questioner to shut up, and in doing so admitted that he had no answer to that question and had lied. Which makes me wonder how much else has Gore et al lied about and hyped about in order to make money. And plese don't tell me Gore will make no money off climate change, i.e. cap and tax, as his minions did at the state fair this year.


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