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Saturday, October 10, 2009

South Dakota Stimulus Ledger

KELO usefully points toward South Dakota's stimulus ledger, where you can see a list of all we've spent and all we've yet to spend out of the $631,744,843 allocated to our fair state under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Among the expenditures:
  • $324K on adoption assistance (wait, I thought Obama hated "innocent, vulnerable" kids)
  • $78K on National Endowment for the Arts programs
  • $142K on school lunch equipment and child nutrition
  • $555K on clean water programs (almsot $19M to go!)
Still to come:
  • $858K to tackle violence against women
  • $24M for the state energy program (we've only spent $40K so far)
  • $24M for weatherization (hurry up! It's snowing already!)
  • $174K to prevent healthcare-associated infections (like Betsy McCaughey)
But we should send every penny back to Washington, right, R. Blake?


  1. One area that we really ought to focus on is the building and maintaining of our structures. (I think back to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis as a tragic example of how things here are allowed to get let go in pursuit of spending on war.)

    The architectural, engineering, and construction industries are hurting in the economic slow down. We also need to green up our existing structures.

  2. Steve Sibson10/12/2009 6:58 PM

    Yes we should send the money back, it is illegal...a violation of Natural Law (coveting).


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