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Monday, October 26, 2009

Thune: Working to Stop the Bailouts... Well, Not All of Them

I learn from Amanda Nolz that President Obama just signed into law more stimulus... for farmers! HR 2997 is actually the appropriations act for agriculture, rural development, the Food and Drug Administration, and other federal programs. It includes some increases that one would think will be good for South Dakota farmers...
  • $4 billion more for food stamps
  • $1.9 billion more for school lunches (and breakfasts, I imagine)
  • $290 million to keep struggling dairy farmers afloat (maybe Rick Millner can pay his bills)
  • $60 million to buy up dairy products for public food programs
And Senator John Thune, champion of ending federal bailouts, voted aye on this federal bailout of dairy farmers.
Let the free market rule, right?


  1. Steve Sibson10/27/2009 6:10 AM


    54 Democrats also vaoted Aye, so why don't you go after the members of your own party?

  2. Perhaps because those 54 Dems aren't branding themselves as 2012 Presidential candidates by shouting "Stop the Bailouts"?

  3. Does China and the rest of the world play by "free market" rules?

    My family milked cows until 1984. Milk price then was subsidized to 80% of parity. There were many small dairies in Lake County. Not any more. Now we only can have large confinement units that smell up the neighborhood.


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