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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brighten Black Friday: Buy Less, Give More!

Mr. Gebhart picks up the theme of fighting Black Friday with some great suggestions for local giving. Instead of contributing to the bottom line at the Empire Mall, that Progressive on the Prairie plans to celebrate Reverend Billy's Buy Nothing Day by opening his wallet to the Community Food Banks of South Dakota and the Children’s Home Society.

Mr. Gebhart casts his avid reader's eye around the globe and plans an additional contribution to Words Without Borders, a group on a mission to bring more international writers into English translation to enrich culture for everyone... an interesting and admirable charitable choice.

His post also duly reminds us of the culture-jamming efforts of Adbusters, who continue to campaign to make the psot-turkey Friday Buy Nothing Day. Heck of an idea! Consumption is not your patriotic or religious duty. The people you love don't need more crap. If the people you love are Americans, they already have a hundred times more wealth than the typical Indian, Indonesian, or millions of other fellow men.

Skip the mall and Wal-Mart Friday. Spend time, not money.


  1. Don't you have some driving to do? LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cory!

  2. I managed to avoid any Black Friday spending--we went to the library instead.

    Thought about buying a holiday tree, but I have to see if the WD40 will work loose the tree stand bolts first. Ah, well.

    Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. On "Black Friday" I wrote, ate, napped, swam, ate, napped, wrote, swam, tweaked the ham radio, and ultimately faded into flannel sheets in an obscure cabin in the hills. The stores survived without me.

  4. Well,I got up at 3:30 AM and went shopping in the Hills with my daughter. Had a great time! We got a couple of good deals at three stores, stood in lines for a short time, watched a beautiful sunrise, picked up some doughnuts, and were home by 7 AM. We don't give a lot of gifts but it's fun to give a few and it's just fun to be part of the crowd that morning. The stores definitely didn't get rich on us, but we had a good time. And compliments to SD'ans, we didn't run into any rude people but heard a lot of excuse me's, thanks, etc.

    I do agree with the spending less on gifts and giving more, which we actually do, but it was still fun to be part of the early Black Friday crowd early on a beautiful Hills day.


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