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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honor Your Vets, Save the Planet, Pass ACESA

Don't think Veterans Day should be political? Ask a soldier who risked her life in Iraq due to our political choices. LeighAnn Dunn, USD grad student and South Dakota National Guard member, applies the Bush "first-strike" doctrine as justification for passing climate change legislation:

This “first strike” standard also obligates our nation to another standard, which is to take extraordinary steps to prevent wars our leaders can see developing in the future. One threat we clearly see and can prevent is further damage from climate change. The U.S. Department of Defense, the CIA, the State Department and the National Intelligence Council see this threat and are all incorporating man-made climate change as a security threat into their long-term planning. Here are some climate change scenarios our nation’s top military minds are looking at:

Climate change dries up water and creates famine. Nations panic. Wars erupt. American troops get deployed.

Climate change makes sea levels rise, creating tens of millions of refugees. Refugee camps are ripe recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations.

Climate change fuels radical storms to occur more frequently. This stretches military resources from their primary mission: defending America against our enemies [LeighAnn Dunn, "Nation at the Crossroads This Veterans Day," letter to the editor, USD Volante, 2009.11.11].

When treehuggers and GI Jane agree, it's time to act. Support the troops: enact climate change legislation.


  1. What a shame that liberals like you would use a few gullible veterans like these as a vehicle to advance an anti-American agenda which purports to fight a problem that doesn't even exist.

    It demeans the hard work and sacrifices of the millions of freedom-loving veterans to associate any of them with this anti-freedom socialist scheme.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, but I know that you are so morally bankrupt that you can't even muster that much decency.

  2. What a shame that Bob only respects the viewpoints and sensibilities of our soldiers when they agree with his failing worldview. I dare you to question LeighAnn Dunn's love of country and freedom to her face.

  3. If she truly loves our country and the freedom it affords, then she needs to act in ways that strengthen and preserve our country and our freedom--not ways that gravely threaten both.

    People can do great harm not only through malevolent intent, but also through ignorance and stupidity. In the end, the harm is the same.

    Sorry, just saying you love America doesn't prove it, any more than the wife-beater's claims that he loves his wife carries water.

  4. If the view that individual freedom trumps community needs is a failing worldview the world is in store for some dark days. ACESA and international conventions are excuses for draining vitality in the name of social justice, not saving the planet. The icecaps are growing in spite of it, the coral reefs are not dying from it, satellite imaging contradicts it, and your solutions fail to impact it.

    The current excuse for global surface temperatures going down in recent years has been that the ocean temp is going up, vuala!: Global Warming in spite of Global Cooling. Unfortunately this too looks to be incorrect.

    Climate alarmist are simply wrong (and bent on tyranny)

  5. LeighAnn wrote a great oped.
    In a larger context ACESA is about stewardship and self-reliance. Respectful stewardship of our home, our land, and leaving things in better shape for those who follow us. That's why it's gaining respect from evangelicals, TR conservatives, moderates, businesses, and yes, liberals.

    The reality that the right wing wants to ignore is that conservation stewardship is good for business. In 2009 the leading country with the most wind energy projects is -- China. In 2009 the nation with the most solar energy projects is -- China. In 2009 the nation with the highest number and value of renewable energy technology exports is -- China. It's imperative for US competitiveness and US business that ACESA advances.


    John Kelley

  6. John,

    I agree with you about the principle, but maybe not about the practice. I wish our current administration would offer a little more "carrot" and wield a little less "stick." Tax incentives, grants, and such already exist, but I'd like to see more!

    I think people in general are getting mighty squeamish about the prospect of a sharp surge in utility costs, fuel costs, health costs, and inflation, along with the long-term prospect of a new national value-added tax, ostensibly to "pay down the debt."

    I think the Democrats' hearts are in the right place, but they've overreached, and they may well fall victim to a repeat of the 1994 "Contract With America" if they don't curb their appetites immediately.

  7. Bob,

    I love my country and I disagree with your notion "If she truly loves our country and the freedom it affords, then she needs to act in ways that strengthen and preserve our country and our freedom"
    What do you call my serive in IRAQ??? Oh Buddy you are so mistake, let me remind you Freedom is Not Free...What have you done for your country?


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