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Monday, November 23, 2009

Madison City Web: 1830 Visits (Visitors?) in July

In other interesting news from tonight's city commission agenda packet, the City of Madison website continues to get some visibility. Page 32 of the packet offers what appears to be a list of web traffic by page for the city website in July 2009. The table doesn't indicate whether it is counting views or unique visitors or what. But it says that in July, the city website drew 1830... something. Following documents from previous years give stats for unique visitors, so I'll asume the unlabeled July 2009 numbers are also unique visitors.

The home page gets fully two-thirds of that traffic. The next most frequently visited sites on the city web are the City Departments index, the police department, the jobs page, ordinance book (bet you'd get more traffic if it weren't PDFs!), and community links. Hey, wait a minute: the community links page includes KJAM and the Madison Daily Leader, but not the city's best online media? What gives?!

Also worth noting: the Sex Offenders page drew slightly more traffic than the Elected Officials page. Apparently my neighbors are slightly more worried about the creepy guys living down the street than the characters in City Hall.

Meanwhile, according to StatCounter.com, during July 2009 the Madville Times received 9,181 unique visitors, including 4,028 returning visitors, and delivered 14,381 page loads. And that was my lowest month of the year, since everyone was out mowing and camping and roasting wienies.

p.s.: Remember the Alexa web rankings I mentioned back in June? The Madville Times was the only Madison website in the top 100 most popular South Dakota sites (well, the K-12 Data Center is hosted at DSU, so I suppose you could count that as a Madison site). This blog ranked #96 back in June. I check this morning and find the Madville Times ranked as the 32nd most popular South Dakota website, just below the Legislative Research Council and just above South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Madison's professional websites—KJAM, Madison Daily Leader, MadisonSD.com—still nowhere to be seen.


  1. It's interesting to note that my photography website www.blackstudios.com attracts a bunch more visitors than the city of Madison's website. Wow!

    Now I'd like to see how many dollars and hours are spent keeping the city's website current with information.

  2. Cory, are you challenging the "King of All Media", Howard Stern, for media superiority?

  3. Howard Stern ranks 1,898th in the U.S. by Alexa's count. I rank 140,788th. I'm working on that. maybe some bikini ladies driving tractors past wind turbines....

  4. "I'm working on that. maybe some bikini ladies driving tractors past wind turbines...."

    Um, no. That would be objectification. Not cool.

    But there I go again with the hen-pecking.

  5. Erin, I think Cory was being a little tongue-in-cheek... Don't make him sleep on the couch! LOL


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